Note 44 - Events after the balance sheet date

Accounting Policy

The annual accounts are regarded as approved for publication once they have been considered by the board of directors. The supervisory board and regulatory authorities can thereafter refuse to approve the accounts, but not to change them. Events up to the time at which the accounts are approved for publication, and which relate to circumstances already known on the balance sheet date, will be included in the information base for accounting estimates and thus be fully reflected in the accounts. Events concerning circumstances that were not known on the closing date will be illuminated if significant.

The accounts are presented on the going-concern assumption. In the view of the board of directors this assumption was met at the time the accounts were approved for presentation.


SpareBank 1 SMN reported to the police on Thursday 19 January a hired replacement employee for gross embezzlement. The relationship was uncovered through the bank's own control functions. The police's investigation, which corresponds to the bank's own investigations, shows that the embezzlement totals just under NOK 75 million. Because the accused returned part of the amount to SpareBank 1 SMN before the arrest, the net amount withdrawn from the bank is in excess of NOK 66 million. The police have secured just over NOK 15 million in Sweden. Based on the information that is now known, more than NOK 50 million of the embezzled amount has been lost.

SpareBank 1 SMN has insurance that covers financial crime, including embezzlement. The insurance has a deductible of NOK 5 million. Most of the embezzlement occurred within a short time before it was discovered and reported to the police. The funds have been transferred to bank accounts in other banks in Norway, and further out of the country. There, they have mainly been invested in securities and financial instruments with a very high risk.


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