Statement in compliance with the securities trading act, section 5-5

Statement by the Board of Directors and the Group CEO

We hereby declare that to the best of our knowledge

  • the financial statements for 2023 for the Parent Bank and the Group have been prepared in conformity with IFRS as determined by the EU, with such additional information as required by the Accounting Act.
  • the accounting information gives a true and fair view of the assets, liabilities, financial position and profit/loss of the Parent Bank and the Group taken as a whole, and that
  • the Directors’ report gives a fair review of developments, profit/loss and position of the Parent Bank and the Group, together with a description of the principal risks and uncertainties facing the Group


           Trondheim, 29 February 2024
           The Board of Directors of SpareBank 1 SMN 
Kjell Bjordal  Christian Stav Mette Kamsvåg
(chair) (deputy chair)  
Tonje Eskeland Foss Ingrid Finboe Svendsen Kristian Sætre
Freddy Aursø  Christina Straub Inge Lindseth
  (employee rep.)  (employee rep.) 
    Jan-Frode Janson
    (Group CEO)



Annual report and notes

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