SpareBank 1 SMN’s stakeholders

SpareBank 1 SMN wishes to identify and engage with stakeholders on a continual basis with a view to developing the group’s knowledge base and assignment of priorities. The ownership model ensures that the local community is represented on the group’s governing bodies, and the business model builds on local knowledge and relations with the populace throughout the region.

Good stakeholder management provides SpareBank 1 SMN with valuable information and a better foundation for good decision making. The group meets requirements and expectations from the group’s various stakeholders in an open and constructive manner. An overview of significant stakeholders is shown in the figure below.

A summary of our latest stakeholder analysis is published in Sustainability Library at



SpareBank 1 SMN supports or has given its endorsement to the following external initiatives, charters or principles in the economic, environmental or societal area:

  • UNEPFIs Principles for Responsible Banking
  • UN Global Compact
  • Environmental Lighthouse

SpareBank 1 SMN is a member of the following industry organisations or other amalgamations, and national/international lobby organisations:

Finance Norway                                                                    Business Association for the Trondheim Region
Norwegian Savings Banks Association Levanger Business Forum
Finance Industry Authorisation schemes (FinAut) Samarbeidsgruppen Midtbyen
Steinkjer Business Forum Trondheim Craftsmen’s Association
Norwegian Association of Real Estate Agents Haram Business and Innovation Forum
Real Estate Norway Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen
Rennebu Business Association Shippingklubben Ålesund
Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) Norway Business Association for the Ålesund Region
Windcluster Norway Rauma Næringslag
Norwegian Bar Association Maritimt Forum Nordvest
Supervisory Council for Legal Practice Maritimt Forum Midt-Norge
Vestnes Business Forum Fosnavåg Shippingklubb
Molde Business Forum NCE iKuben
Vestnes Handelsstandsforening Mid-Norway European Office
Kristiansund and Nordmøre Business Forum Namdalskysten Business Association
Hustadvika Business Forum Inderøy Business Association
Aukra Business Forum Orkladal Business Association
Molde Sentrum NiT Melhus
Sunndal Business Association Frøya Næringsforum
Destinasjon Molde og Romsdal Hitra Business Association
Nordic Arena Nettverk Møre  NiT Indre Fosen
Lean Forum Nordvest Ørland Business Association
Surnadal Business Association Oppdal Business Association
Verdal Business Forum UT Project Trondheim
Namsos Business Association United Future Lab Ålesund

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