Annual accounts 2018

  • Profit before tax: NOK 2,450m
  • Net profit: NOK 2,090m
  • Return on equity: 12.2 per cent
  • CET1 ratio: 14.6 per cent
  • Growth in lending: 7.8 per cent and in deposits: 5.4 per cent
  • Loan losses: NOK 263m
  • Earnings per equity certificate (EC): NOK 9.97. Book value per EC incl. dividend proposed for 2018: NOK 83.87
  • Proposed dividend: NOK 5.10 per EC and NOK 373m to be allocated to non-profit causes

Statement by the Group CEO2018 was a very active year, bringing good results. Solid growth was again recorded, in particular in the personal market. In the corporate market we achieved success with a strategy that makes us the natural choice of bank for small and medium-sized businesses in central Norway.

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Report of the Board of Directors

SpareBank 1 SMN achieved good results in 2018, and most business lines showed a positive trend. Of special note are a high influx of new retail customers, increased operating income and lower loan losses. The bank is also very well capitalised. The board of directors expects 2019 to be another good year.

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