The SpareBank 1 Alliance

The SpareBank 1 Alliance brings together the Norwegian SpareBank 1 banks in a collaboration on banking and products through their jointly owned companies SpareBank 1 Gruppen and SpareBank 1 Banksamarbeidet.

About SpareBank 1 Gruppen
SpareBank 1 Gruppen is the parent company of eight subsidiaries which all develop and deliver products to the Alliance banks which in turn offers these products to customers in their local markets. The company also develops and delivers products to the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions’ (LO) associated unions and members through the credit card programme LOfavør.

SpareBank 1 Gruppen is wholly owned by SpareBank 1 banks and the LO as follows: SpareBank 1 SR-Bank (19.5 per cent), SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge (19.5 per cent), SpareBank 1 SMN (19.5 per cent), Samarbeidende Sparebanker AS (19.5 per cent), Sparebanken 1 Østlandet (12.4 per cent), and the LO and associated unions (9.6 per cent). 

SpareBank 1 Gruppen wholly owns the following subsidiaries
SpareBank 1 Forsikring, SpareBank 1 Skadeforsikring, ODIN Forvaltning, Conecto, SpareBank 1 Factoring, SpareBank 1 Portefølje, SpareBank 1 Spleis and SpareBank 1 Medlemskort (owns 51%). 

About SpareBank 1 Banksamarbeidet
SpareBank 1 Banksamarbeidet, a banking collaboration, has the administrative responsibility for collaborative processes and delivery of services to the SpareBank 1 Alliance. The company delivers business platforms and joint management and development services to the Alliance banks, and plays its part in ensuring that joint development and joint activities provide the banks with economies of scale and competence. The company also owns and manages the Alliance’s intellectual property rights under the joint brand name SpareBank 1.


Annual report and notes

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