Control committee's report

the Supervisory Board
of SpareBank 1 SMN


Statement of the Control Committee for 2014

The Control Committee has discharged its duties in accordance with the (Norwegian) Savings Banks Act and the instructions for the committee.

The Bank’s activities in 2014 were in conformity with the (Norwegian) Savings Banks Act, and other provisions with which the Bank is obliged to comply. The annual reports and accounts have been submitted in accordance with the provisions of the (Norwegian) Savings Banks Act and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

The Supervisory Board may adopt the income statement and the balance sheet as the Bank’s financial statements for 2014.


Trondheim, 3 March 2014

The Control Committee of
SpareBank 1 SMN


Terje Lium              Anders Lian                   Terje Ruud             


Annual report and notes

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