Our memberships

Our memberships

SpareBank 1 SMN supports or has given its support to the following external initiatives, charters principles for the economic, environmental or social area:

UNEPFIs Principles for Responsible Banking

  • UN Global Compact
  • Environmental Lighthouse

SpareBank 1 SMN is a member of the following industry organisations or other amalgamations, and national/international lobby organisations:

  • Finance Norway                                                       
  • Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
  • Norwegian Savings Banks Association
  • Finance Industry Authorisation schemes (FinAut)
  • Steinkjer Business Forum
  • Verran Business Forum
  • Norwegian Association of Real Estate Agents
  • Rennebu Business Association
  • Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) Norway
  • Windcluster Norway
  • Norwegian Bar Association
  • Supervisory Council for Legal Practice
  • Vestnes Business Forum
  • Molde Business Forum
  • Vestnes Handelsstandsforening
  • Kristiansund and Nordmøre Business Forum
  • Fræna Business Forum
  • Aukra Business Forum
  • Molde Sentrum AS
  • Sunndal Business Association
  • Eide Business Forum
  • Destinasjon Molde og Romsdal AS
  • Nordic Arena Nettverk Møre AS
  • Lean Forum Nordvest
  • Surnadal Business Association
  • Verdal Business Forum
  • Namsos Business Association
  • Business Association for the Trondheim Region
  • Levanger Business Forum AS
  • Samarbeidsgruppen Midtbyen
  • Trondheim Craftsmen’s Association
  • Haram Business and Innovation Forum
  • Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen AS
  • Shippingklubben Ålesund
  • Business Association for the Ålesund Region
  • Rauma Næringslag
  • Maritimt Forum Nordvest
  • Maritimt Forum Midt-Norge
  • Fosnavåg Shippingklubb
  • NCE iKuben

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