Annual accounts 2019

Net profit: NOK 2,563 million

  • Profit before tax: NOK 3,081 million
  • Return on equity: 13,7 per cent
  • CET1 ratio: 17.2 per cent
  • Growth in lending: 4.7 per cent and in deposits: 6.6 per cent
  • Loan losses: NOK 299 million
  • Earnings per equity certificate (EC): NOK 12.14. Book value per EC incl. dividend proposed for 2019: NOK 90.75
  • Proposed dividend: NOK 6,50 per EC and NOK 473 million to be allocated to non-profit causes

Statement by the Group CEO 

Through solid banking, we build muscle to contribute funding to people and businesses. As a community-owned bank, we also pay dividends to the local communities. Our ownership model is unique. The more customers who choose SpareBank 1 SMN, the greater the dividend for the region.

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Report of the Board of Directors

SpareBank 1 SMN achieved a post-tax profit of NOK 2,563m and return on equity 13.7 per cent in 2019. The Board is well satisfied with the Group's results in 2019, and new strategic initiatives will further strengthen the Group's competitiveness. The Group strategy provides a good basis for further development of the Group's business areas. The Group is well-positioned with profitable business areas, and through strengthened collaboration and profit-enhancing measures, the Group will achieve its financial goals.

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