Annual accounts 2012

  • Profit of NOK 1,077m after tax
  • Return on equity 11.7 per cent
  • Tier 1 capital ratio 11.3 per cent
  • Common tier 1 ratio 10.0 per cent
  • Growth in lending 10.2 per cent and growth in deposits 9.2 per cent
  • Loss on loans NOK 58m
  • Earnings per equity certificate (EC) NOK 5.21
  • Book value per EC NOK 50.09
  • Recommended dividend NOK 1.50 per EC

Report of the Board of Directors

SpareBank 1 SMN strengthened its market position and achieved sound profit growth in 2012. The Group’s funding is robust.The Board of Directors will focus strongly ahead on measures designed to strengthen the Bank’s financial position so that it has a common equity tier 1 ratio of at least 12.5 per cent by 31 December 2015.

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Statement by the Group CEO

2012 proved to be another very good year for SpareBank 1 SMN. A Group pre-tax profit of NOK 1,355m and a post-tax return on equity of 11.7 per cent are above the levels planned for the year. At the start of 2013 there are grounds for optimism for the profit trend this year too.

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