Group Management

Finn-Haugan_frg    Finn Haugan (1953)

Group CEO 

Business economist from the Norwegian School of Management (1977).

Joined SpareBank 1 SMN as CEO in 1991. Group CEO from 2010. Chairman of BN Bank and the Norwegian Savings Banks Association, board member of Finance Norway (FNO). Chairman of SpareBank 1 Gruppen from 2017.  Chairman of EiendomsMegler 1 Midt-Norge and SpareBank 1 Markets. Board member of Trondheim Stiftelse Til Nevrovitenskaplig Forskning (Kavli Stiftelsen). Previously with Fokus Bank for 13 years, his final two years as deputy CEO.

Vegard Helland (1975)

Executive director – Corporate Banking

Business economist from the Bodø Graduate School of Business (1999), and authorised financial analyst (AFA) from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (2007).

Chairman of SpareBank 1 Finans Midt-Norge and board member of SpareBank 1 Gruppen Finans, Conecto, Mavi XV and SMB Lab. Alternate board member of SpareBank 1 SMN Card Solutions.

Joined SpareBank 1 SMN in 2003, and has focused primarily on major clients. Head of Corporate Banking since August 2010. Has chaired SpareBank 1 SMN’s group credit committee since 2007. Previously with KPMG (aquaculture and fisheries).

 Kjell-Fordal_frg   Kjell Fordal (1957)

Executive director – Finance and Strategy

Business economist from the Norwegian School of Management (1981) and Master of Management from the same institution (2004).

Chairman of SpareBank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN, SpareBank 1 SMN Pensjonskasse, SpareBank 1 Næringskreditt, SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt, SpareBank 1 SMN Invest, GMA Invest, Prøven Eiendom and SMB Lab. Board member of SpareBank 1 Markets, SpareBank 1 Kredittkort, BN Kreditt and Trondhjems Turistforening. Joined SpareBank 1 SMN in 1982.

NellyMaske_BERRE8521   Nelly S. Maske (1975)

Executive director – Organisation and Development

Master of Science from South Bank University in London 2000, Bachelor’s degree in business and administration from Sør-Trøndelag University College (previously TØH) 1998.

Broad experience from the professional services firm Ernst & Young, latterly as director at Ernst & Young Advisory from 2010 to 2013. Board member of SpareBank 1 Mobilbetaling, BN Bolig and SMB Lab. Joined SpareBank 1 SMN in 2013.





Svein Tore Samdal (1971)

Executive director – Retail Banking

Master’s degree in Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (1999).

Has held senior positions at Eiendomsmegler 1 Midt-Norge since joining in 2006. Previously sports director of the women’s national cross-country ski team, Norwegian Ski Federation, 2001-2006. Chairman of Allegro Kapitalforvaltning. Joined SpareBank 1 SMN in 2013.


Rolf Jarle Brøske (1980)

Executive director – Communications and Society

Studies in political science and history at Molde University College and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Previously industrial policy director at Det norske Oljeselskap, and on the management team of Danske Bank (Fokus Bank). Adviser to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Børge Brende, and to the Mayor of Trondheim. Has held a number of political positions. Joined SpareBank 1 SMN on 1 October 2016.

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